hay.my name is lena and I'm 17 years old.

I'm from Germany and I live in a city called Duisburg.

well in fact I live in a little village near Krefeld but

(believe it or not) Rumeln is part of Duisburg.

wouldn't guess that if you had seen it.

I go to school and I'm in eleventh grade.

my school is called "AEG".

I'm the youngest of 4 children.

I've got two older brothers (nils&bastian)

and an older sister(anna)with whom I can speak

any time I feel sad or angry and who's

always there for me.she's a very fun person.

another important part of my life are my dogs

(bengel,tina&kimmy).they're cute <3.

of course I also have parents.

my mum who cares about me a lot

and who I love very much.

my dad who's a lot like me sometimes

which causes a lot of arguments

but he's a very fun person as well and I love him too.

according to my friends I'm a very funny

and sarcastic person.

well I can be serious and reasonable as well

but i also like to fool around and laugh a lot.

I recomment not to give me any money

cause I will forget it and it will take a

long time to get it back.

i should write down anything that happens...


I can be very patient and calm

but I also can be unpatient and moody.

that's cause my mother's always patient

and my father's always moody and loud

and veeeeery unpatient.

I am a mixture of that.

while my pubity I always was like my dad

which was very problematic ^^ .

right now I'm trying to be more like my mother

when it comes to moods.

I like to talk and discuss a lot and about

anything that comes into my mind.

I like to think about things.

that's why I seem to be far away sometimes

although I'm sitting right in front of someone.

and sometimes this particular person

tells me something and I don't listen

cause I'm thinking about something else

and that makes people become mad sometimes.

a lot of some's.anyway.

I love books and music.

which brings me to another important part of my life.

my band greyhound station project of which

I'm the drummer.

I also write all the songtexts.

I love writing.

short stories,poems,songtexts.

it's kind of a diary for me.

a way to express my feelings and thoughts.

might be the reason for our songtexts

being very weird sometimes or very sad.

might be.I don't like to have arguments with anyone.

it makes me feel bad and in the end

it's always me who apologies cause I can't stand it.

I dislike hatred and I don't hate anyone.

I like harmony.well I am a girl and girls

like gossip but that doesn't mean I

hate the persons I talk about (=

aaah I almost forgot something

very important about me.

I'm a vegetarian for four years now.

first 'cause I love animals ,

second 'cause I think eating meat is disgusting,

third 'cause that's more healthy.

that's the only thing I don't like to discuss about .

although that's the topic I know most about

it breaks my heart to talk about it.

In the future I would like to become

a social worker.

but it's still a long way to get there.

school,university,finding a job.

easy to write down but hard to achieve.

anyway.I also wanna marry,2 or 3 children,

a dog and mice.

sounds very ordinary doesn't it?

I don't care =)

Alter: 28

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ppl <3
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